Loss Prevention Engineer

Saudi Arabia
14 Oct 2016
23 Nov 2016
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
Position Description
We are seeking a Loss Prevention Engineer to join Corporate Emergency Management & Continuity at Saudi Aramco.

Saudi Aramco is a fully integrated, global, petroleum enterprise, and a world leader in exploration and production, refining, distribution and petrochemicals. One of its important areas of operation is Loss Prevention.

The Loss Prevention engineer's primary role is to provide staff or field loss/fire prevention engineering services.

Minimum Requirements
As the successful candidate you must hold a Bachelor of Science Engineering degree in one of the following disciplines: fire protection, chemical, civil, mechanical, electrical or environmental.

You will have ten years of experience in the Hydrocarbon, petrochemicals, or related industries, including at least five years in safety/loss prevention.

The overall experience can include areas such as: operations, maintenance, and plant engineering, but the 5 years safety experience should include some areas such as safety program development, motor vehicle fleet safety, fire prevention, hazardous materials, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, process safety management, process hazards analysis, incident investigation and the development and implementation of safe operations procedures and processes.

You must have the ability to communicate in technical English with peers as well as division heads, department heads and admin area heads.

You have to be able to produce clear and concise oral and written reports in English. You must be computer literate with word processing, spreadsheet, power point, web browsing, email programs and audio-visual aids.

You also must have the following requirements:

In-depth knowledge of modern safety management systems, processes, and techniques applicable to the oil/gas or related industries.

Acute knowledge of loss prevention engineering and safety management practices applicable to the oil and gas industry

Detailed knowledge of U.S., European, and industry fire and safety codes, recommended practices, standards and specifications.

Duties and Responsibilities
You will be required to perform the following:

Identify hazards and evaluate potential losses through inspection, engineering analysis and analysis of loss data, or through other analytical techniques for hazard loss identification and mitigation.

Develop recommendations and solutions for mitigating or eliminating potential losses and identified hazards.

Undertake studies or other assigned tasks related to safety management or loss prevention/fire prevention engineering. Participate in various safety studies/activities, such as: PHAs, HAZOPs, JSAs, incident investigations, compliance reviews or insurance surveys.

May participate in or lead quantitative risk studies or conduct consequence analyses, e.g., toxic gas dispersion modeling and blast calculations.

Develop and update safety standards, instructions, codes, and process and formalize them into company documented practices as required.

Work with proponent organizations to identify safety concerns, formulate solutions, and develop practical and cost effective corrective recommendations.

Provide ongoing, regular support to assigned proponent organizations to assist them in implementing the Saudi Aramco Safety Management System and in meeting safety objectives and expectations.

Assist proponents in developing and evaluating the effectiveness of safety processes in their organization.

Review designs for new projects and upgrade of existing facilities for compliance with company safety standards and good industry practices.

Assist proponents with monitoring construction/project activities and provide input/approval to certify mechanical completion of facilities prior to startup.

May be required to review building drawings to identify safety requirements based on company approved building standards and codes.

Perform field work and inspections by assignment, as required to support proponents. You may be required to visit oil/gas facilities, remote locations, drilling rigs, offshore areas, and support facilities such as schools, hospitals and communities.

Assist proponents in developing emergency response plans, conducting drills, and improving response capabilities.

Respond to emergency situations and incidents in the assigned area either during or after regular working hours, to provide technical assistance and advice to proponent management.

Attend proponent organizational emergency drills and participate in critique meetings.

Assist proponent and management in implementing incident investigation processes and in properly reporting and investigating all injuries and incidents in accordance with established procedures.

Participate in incident investigations as assigned by the supervisor. Field-verifies recommendations for closure where required.

Develop and promote on- or off-job safety educational material and programs to address safety issues or concerns.

Assigned tasks may include: preparation of articles for publication, assisting with developing promotional materials, preparing and delivering presentations, conducting safety orientations, giving safety talks, or offering specialized safety training in technical or safety management.

Act as a mentor for developing loss prevention engineers and advisors as requested by the supervisor.

Provide guidance and direction to less experienced engineers and may review and critique their work.

You are expected to readily share knowledge and experience to assist the development of others.

Perform miscellaneous related duties as requested by the supervisor.

Act as Saudi Aramco's technical representative with the Saudi Arabian Government, when required, on issues concerning loss prevention.