Thesis Work for Model Reduction Methods for Structural Dynamics of Industrial Robots

Västerås,Vaestmanland County,Sweden
12 Oct 2016
30 Oct 2016
Contract Type
Full Time
You will be a part of Corporate Research - Mechanical systems and Mechatronics.

The structural dynamics of robot manipulators have a large impact on the accuracy of the complete robot system. To assess accuracy of new robot concepts early in the development phase it is important to truly capture the structural dynamics of the concept at hand. The structural dynamics of robots are modelled and simulated using finite element methods and the first objective of the thesis work is to find out how the models should be created to best reflect the structural dynamics of the physical system.
The finite element models are generally too time consuming to be used in dynamic simulations including other parts of the system such as electronics and control. Hence the finite element models need to be reduced before they can be used in dynamic simulation of the complete system. The dynamic reduction methods commonly used in structural analysis are real and complex modal analysis, component mode synthesis, and other formulations of modal methods. The second objective is to find out which reduction method is best suitable for robot simulation.

Both commercial and in-house developed code will be used. We are looking for students with background in structural dynamics and/or applied mathematics/physics. Prior knowledge in Ansys, Nastran, Maple, Matlab, MapleSim and Dymola are desirable but not required.

•January 2017- June 2017
•30 ECTS/högskolepoäng(hp)
•Two students working together is preferable
•Work done mostly on site