Site Manager

03 Oct 2016
15 Dec 2016
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
Management between GE and customer
Management between GE and his sub-contractors / partner.
Lead the Construction & Commissioning team at site.
Able to handle the site with trouble free operation.

Essential Responsibilities

Tasks & Responsibilities:-

Attaining complete knowledge of the site execution plan, time schedule, scope of supply / work, scope of civil works, major subcontracts, budget and account structure, status of documentation, EHS plan, site staffing plan, applicable local regulations, restrictions etc.
Mobilise the site and set up of site infrastructure.
Plan and set up vehicles, accommodation and other support for site staff.
Establish site regulations and rules of site operation.
Select and hire local personnel as required.
Execute daily (if required), weekly and monthly comprehensive reports.
• Set up the site filing and document control system.
• Strategically execute the site Cost Control program.
• Strategically execute the ABFPL EHS Policy and the site EHS plan.
• Strategically manage the site schedule, progress of works and cost / resource drawdown.
• Set up and strategically execute the site QA/QC plan.
• Carry out both meritorious and disciplinary actions as prescribed by ABFPL regulations.
• Take necessary actions to maintain high site morale.
• Conduct daily and weekly meetings with ABFPL staff and subcontractors.
Responsible for:
• The overall management and leadership of the ABFPL site staff.
• Developing a Site Safety Culture during the site execution of the project.
• Executing the project within the site portion of the construction budget.
• Achieving all major milestones within the site schedule.
• Performance assessments of all site staff including contract staff and life-of-project staff.
• Maintaining an intensive customer relationship and a high level of customer satisfaction.
• Closeout of all site subcontracts with fair and proper allocation of costs, minimizing impact to ABFPL.
• Representation of ABFPL to the customer and local authorities.
• Maintaining and enhancing the professional image and reputation of ABFPL at all times.
Key Performance Indicators:-
All major milestones achieved.
Overall site construction and subcontract budget targets are achieved.
Any cost variances are fairly and properly allocated, impact to ABFPL is minimized.
All parties to the project are able to make optimum decisions based on information furnished from site.
EHS Road Map targets are achieved with zero lost time injuries or fatalities.
• Customer satisfaction survey targets are achieved.
• All required performance assessments are completed.

Autonomy:- Area(s) where the position holder is the decision maker:
• Has the ultimate authority on the site as prescribed by ABFPL rules and regulations
• Is authorised to remove any person or object from site.
• Is authorised to take urgent or emergency action to remedy sudden problems or discrepancies.
• Has authority to communicate with the client and any local entity or authority in the execution of his
• tasks.
• Is authorised to make expenditures according to ABFPL rules and regulations.
• Is authorised to carry out disciplinary actions on site according to ABFPL rules and regulations.
• Is authorised to carry out appraisals and assessments of site staff.
Job Specifics:-
• To promote the interests and image of the company at all times;
• Behave according to ABFPL Code of Ethics and Values.
• Understand and support the implementation of applicable Safety Directives.
• Stop work when risks are not controlled.
• Report all accidents, near misses and deviations and non-compliances with the applicable Safety Directives to your Manager.
• Fully support and endorse all aspects of the ABFPL Zero Deviation Plan
• Promote the 9 ABFPL Safety Directives and the '9 Life-Saving Rules' positively
• Participate in each severe accident root cause analysis and follow-up action plan
• Regularly review the Lost Time Accidents and Potentially Severe events at site
• Ensure that disciplinary measures are delivered when required in a fair and consistent manner in line with the zero tolerance to deviation policy


• 7. Profile
Qualifications (technical & economic), competencies & knowledge needed to fulfil the position
7.1 Education & Trainings
Mandatory (MUST)
• Mechanical / Electrical University degree (comparable with bachelor / master)
• Appropriate experience in power plant construction and engineering
• Appropriate experience in management functions
• Good proficiency in English
Desirable (NICE TO HAVE)
• Leadership and social competence
• Extensive knowledge of power plant systems
• Negotiation and presentation
• Quick and thorough decision making
• Active and positive in solving problems
• Motivating and well-aimed promotion of ideas and concepts
• Delegating, setting priorities and acting directly towards the target, avoid "micro-management"
• Exhibit "command presence"
• "Big Picture" thinking but attention to detail
• Exhibits common sense, is respectful and loyal
• High degree of cost awareness
• Open-minded / flexible for changes and new ideas
7.2 Professional Experience
Experience gained on the job during professional life

Mandatory (MUST)
• 15-year construction site experience.
• Fluent in English.
• Computer skills.

Desirable (NICE TO HAVE)
7.3 Functional Know-how
Mandatory (MUST)
• Active listening skills
• Problem solving and root cause identification skills
• Quick decision making
• Active in solving problems
• Motivation and well-aimed promotion of ideas
• Delegating, setting priorities and acting directly towards the target
• Willing to take responsibility and admit mistakes
• "Big Picture" thinking
• Uses common sense, is respectful and loyal
• Cost awareness
• Open-minded for changes and new ideas
Desirable (NICE TO HAVE)
7.4 Language Skills
Mandatory (MUST)
• English.
Desirable (NICE TO HAVE)
• any other language.

Desired Characteristics

8. Operational & Leadership Know-how
Observable behaviour & attitude needed to achieve the expected results (acc. ABFPL Know-How), choose those that are important for this specific job

• Operational Know-how
• Operational effectiveness & Accountability
• Collaboration &Teamwork
• Innovation
• Communicating with Transparency

• Leadership Know-how

• Strategic Vision
• Convincing & Influencing
• Shaping & driving change
• Risk Management