Thesis Work on Cloud Computing for Flatness Control

Västerås,Vaestmanland County,Sweden
28 Sep 2016
30 Nov 2016
Contract Type
Full Time
You will be a part of the Industrial Internet of Things team at Corporate Research and ABB Force Measurement in Västerås. ABB Corporate Research, Västerås, is one of seven ABB research centers world-wide, with 200 employees. We support the operating companies by furnishing them with fundamental research, new technologies and innovative solutions for future product generations. The technologies developed at ABB Corporate Research, Västerås, are used throughout ABB's power and automation product portfolio. ABB Corporate Research has extensive collaborations with leading universities and research institutes within the EU and world-wide. ABB Force Measurement are part of the Process Automation division and develop industrial products for measuring forces and dimensions in industries like rolling mill and paper production. We use unique basic principles well suited for harsh environments which has provided us with a long track record of satisfied customers. With your help we take the lead in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) providing customers with even better productivity. We are world leading within these business areas with a large market share over the world.

We are looking for 2 thesis workers to assist us in taking the next step in the development of Stressometer, ABB's measurement and control system for flatness in cold-rolling mills. With these theses we would like you to investigate and propose different ways of using Cloud resources to provide new customer values for Stressometer and/or reduce cost. Hence, it is up to you to define and investigate which services/functions that are suitable for Cloud deployment, which of course requires a comparison with state-of-the-art in the area. We are open and encourage lots of crazy ideas in the area! As part of your thesis work you will also implement one or more prototypes of your proposals, which includes implementation work in Stressometer as well as in Microsoft Azure.

The thesis work is done in tight cooperation between ABB Force Measurement and ABB Corporate Research and you will spend time at both these locations. In addition, there is flexibility in defining the scope of the thesis work.
You will work in an interdisciplinary, international team of scientists, developers, and students. Our team will enable you to experiment hands-on with the latest hardware and software platforms.

We expect a highly motivated student in computer science or engineering, electrical engineering or automation engineering (or a related subject) with a background in embedded systems engineering and experience in programming (C, C++, C#, or Java). Prior experience in using Microsoft Azure is meriting. We expect you to show readiness to tackle challenging problems, above-average motivation to deliver tangible results (such as running applications), and pro-activeness to come up with novel ideas on how to improve products and processes. Good English speaking/writing skills are highly recommended.
The thesis work is required to be performed in Västerås; partly at Force Measurement, but mainly at Corporate Research, Västerås. Later parts of the thesis work may offer the possibility to work from other locations, e.g., your university.
Required Scope: 30 ECTS (D-Level)
Period: January to June 2017
Number of thesis workers: 2