Revenue Protection Technician

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10 Sep 2016
19 Oct 2016
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
Responsible for identifying and investigating any possible theft, of both gas or electric, hazardous or defective condition of service and perform related work. This includes residential, commercial and small industrial and PUC and presidential cases. Fill out theft of service reports; send to billing to start back billing of customers for loss of revenue.

Typical examples of the duties are:

  1. To investigate active theft of gas or electric theft. Both single phase and three phase services. Correct unsafe situations caused by tampering with the service. Fill out appropriate theft reports to send to billing.
  2. To investigate passive theft of gas or electric for failure to apply (FTA). Use notice process to have customer apply for service. Send notice paperwork to back office.
  3. To investigate passive theft of gas or electric for FTA.
  4. To install "check" meters per security for documentation of theft from illegal underground connection to property.
  5. Work with Federal Law agencies, local DA in detecting theft of service connected to other crimes.
  6. Change electric meters when a stopped meter or damaged is found.
  7. Install AMI meters when necessary.
  8. To install meters on cut-through when found. Verify with back office that the customer applied, set meter, prepare paperwork, and send to billing.
  9. To disconnect meter for hazardous conditions, leave hazardous notice to have customer make necessary repairs to service. Send paper work to back office.
  10. To disconnect service at the request of local government or license and inspection department. Send paper work to billing.
  11. To investigate customers who were SONP and AMI reports usage at property. Verify customer paid, if not paid then disconnect customers, seal service with anti theft locks and send paper work to billing.
  12. Use bucket truck to disconnect service that ladders and pole cuts are unable to reach. Send paper work to back office.
  13. Use ladder to disconnect service. Leave notice and send paper work to back office.
  14. Use pole cuts to disconnect service. Leave notices and send paper work to back office.
  15. To receive and maintain a supply of meters, metering equipment, repair parts, supplies, and determining sizes and types required; and make required entries into the computer system.
  16. To receive and issue materials, tools, and supplies for field use and maintain a record of tools issued; and to receive and forward damaged tools for repair or replacement, and place repaired and replacement tools in stock.
  17. To interface with customers in connection with their inquires and complaints.
  18. To work on special project like AMIi installing meters both gas and electric.
  19. To work on gas reprogramming and gas maintenance issues.
  20. To work on collateral jobs where theft is found at one property and investigate or report to back office other areas related to this customer or job.
  21. Identify and report to supervisor possible "fixer", security problems and other areas where energy theft could be a problem.
  22. To support secondary restoration during storms, includes running service wires, remaking taps, removing small tree problems, standing by down primary wires, and repairing secondary service wires. Using bucket truck or ladder.
Major Accountabilities:

Demonstrates a strong safety adherence
Demonstrates mechanical skill
Demonstrates analytical and problem solving skills
Excellent interpersonal and negotiating skills
High School Education
5 years relevant job experience

Position Requirements:

- Previous experience in Revenue Protection work

- Previous experience in Energy Technician work

- Previous experience in customer contact role

Service Requirements:


- The ability to complete all regulatory work within PUC guidelines.

Systems Used:

- Advantex - This system is used to dispatch and route Revenue Protection technician work. This system also interfaces with CICS. - CIS - Customer Information System - shows service screen, daily usage screen, and customer remarks screen, credit screen.
- OMS - Outage Management System - Used during secondary restoration