Industrial Plumber/Maintenance Mechanic

RTP, North Carolina
02 Sep 2016
02 Nov 2016
Contract Type
Full Time
The candidate will work with the Model, Machine, and Fabrication shop, and its personnel supporting research facilities and combustors in an industrial setting. They will be responsible for the layout, installation, maintenance and repair of industrial piping systems including; natural gas, fuel oil, cooling water, chilled water, steam, compressed air, and process fluids and gases with all of the required flow control valves, and pumps in accordance with all applicable plumbing codes and industry standards. The candidate will work closely with other trades and technicians, often helping them complete their projects as needed to meet schedule requirements.
HS diploma and trade school, 4 years journeymen level industrial plumbing experience. Plumbing license preferred.

Skill Requirements:
  • Installing, threading, repairing, insulating and maintaining, black, galvanized, copper, stainless steel, and PVC piping and tubing, and all the required flow control valves, and pumps in accordance with all applicable plumbing codes and industry standards.
  • Working knowledge of other trades and skills such as; electrical, fabrication, machining, welding and basic shop operations in an industrial setting.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF THE POSITION The ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS of the position must relate to the DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES of the position. List each essential function under the appropriate category / categories below. Indicate approximate percent of time each essential function normally would require; this doesn't have to add up to 100% since marginal functions do not have to be listed. The primary supervisor, for which this position will report to, is responsible to review the Essential Functions with each applicant interviewed.

Unusual or Special Physical Requirements of Position


% of Time

• Lifting up to 50lbs 5% of the time

• Climbing ladders 25% of the time

• Crawling 5% of the time

• Working overhead 40% of the time

• High noise levels 10%

• Bending down 10%of the time

Description of Work Environment


% of Time

• Working inside industrial high bays and labs 65% of the time

• Working outside in the heat and cold 25% of the time

• Working around hot combustors 10% of the time

• Driving work vehicles10%

Equipment and Machines Involved in Work Tasks


% of Time

• Industrial pipe threader 25% of the time

• Torch 10%

• Forklifts and platform lifts 10%

• Industrial power, and cordless tools 50%

• Industrial hand tools 50%

Criticality of Attendance


% of Time

• Regular days 95% of the time

• Overtime < 5% of the time

• Travel < 5 % of the time

Other Essential Functions

The candidate must:
  • Have good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Be able to work as part of team.
  • Be willing to work outside your trade to help the team meet the client's needs.
  • Good computer skills, including working with Microsoft Word and Excel