Field Compliance Coordinator

Saudi Arabia
13 Apr 2016
19 Dec 2016
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
Position Description
The employee will assists, establish, implement, and maintain a variety of safety and environmental measures and initiatives to ensure compliance with the corporate set of standards in safety, health, and environmental requirements and expectation.

The employee will have to maintain the department's 100% compliance with all safety regulations and will have zero safety related breaches and violations.

The employee will provide advice and consultation to the department in maintaining a safe working environment in compliance with environmental/safety regulations, and standards and practices. Identifies and evaluates hazardous conditions and practices in the workplace. Conducts and coordinates onsite inspections to audit physical conditions and safe work practices. Provides advice and counsel concerning compliance with corporate safety regulation and procedures.

The employee will develop controls for unidentified hazards; coordinate the implementation of controls from results of hazard analysis; review and analyze injury, property damage, and statistical loss data; and work with management to prepare comprehensive recommendations for corrective action to eliminate or minimize potential hazards.

The employee will have to deliver regular reports as per the timeline set by his direct supervisor. Also, he will work within a team from the Operation Excellence & Compliance Group. The Field Compliance Group's primary responsibility is to maintain 100% compliance to all safety regulations and ensure all department employees, including contractor employees, follow Saudi Aramco safety regulations.

Minimum Requirements
A B.S. degree in engineering, safety engineering, industrial hygiene, or environmental science, or in a related field is preferred.
Must have two (2) years of related safety/operational experience and/or training, preferably in the oil/gas or petrochemical industry, or in the industry related to the position placement, e.g., marine, pipelines, and power distribution.
Must have knowledge or training in the following: occupational health, safety, and environmental compliance with applicable industry, governmental, and/or international standards.
Must have demonstrated knowledge of delivering hands-on health, safety, and environmental training. Must also have ability to assist with developing, implementing, and coordinating comprehensive health and safety programs.
Good communication skills, both verbal and written (training/presentations/report writing). Participate in teams and/or committees. Strong PC skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Skilled in the standards, concepts, practices, and procedures within the health, safety, and environmental fields. Ability to work at all levels within an organization and the ability to work in a diverse work group.

Duties and Responsibilities
30 Days
During the first 30 days, the employee will become familiar with the department safety related core operations, key decision makers, areas of responsibility, and stakeholders. Will also familiarize him or herself with the processes and procedures of Saudi Aramco through networking, corporate portals, and knowledge base.

60-90 Days
In this phase, the incumbent will operate and coordinate the department's Safety Management System (SMS). The candidate will work as a part of the Safety Compliance Team in reviewing Saudi Aramco's Major Incident Recommendations (SAMIRs) and implementation of the recommendations in addition to participation in the department Safe Operations Committee meetings.

After 12 Months
After one year, the incumbent will prepare safety orientations, safety trainings, and job site inspection procedures. Directs or assists in the development of specialized education and training materials. Conducts specialized safety and environmental training programs to communicate hazard control information. Mentors new hires to transfer occupational health, safety, and environmental knowledge.