Fire Protection Engineer

Saudi Arabia
23 Mar 2016
31 Oct 2016
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
Position Description
We are currently seeking a Fire Protection Engineer to work in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The Fire Protection Engineer leads a team to operate and maintain building fire sprinkler systems, firewater systems, fire hoses, fire pumps, gaseous fire suppression systems, wet chemical fire suppression systems, foam fire suppression systems, and passive fire protection measures.
Perform operation and maintenance activities of fire protection systems at newly installed facilities, or upgraded systems of existing facilities. Act as a quality assurance expert in the field of mechanical engineering systems and procedures.

Minimum Requirements
Education: A B.S. in fire engineering, fire protection engineering, or fire safety engineering; an alternate qualification can be a B.S. in mechanical
/electrical engineering, with a post-graduate certificate/diploma, an M.S. in fire engineering, fire protection, or fire safety engineering; from a fully accredited and reputable university.

Qualifications: Must have a thorough knowledge of engineering practices and economic principles, calculation methods, design details, and US standards, and specifications.

Certification: Preferably have NFPA certification

Experience Specified: Have a minimum of nine (9) years of work experience, from the date of obtaining a license/qualifications, as a senior project engineer for medium and large buildings, and facilities such as universities and museums or cultural facilities that consist of complex fire protection systems. Shall have experience as a Project Design Engineer for at least two (2) of the nine (9) years specified above.
Experience in all life safety related engineering systems, including fire protection and integration with other building components.
Must have a full knowledge of fire alarm system from conventional to the latest state of the art analogue addressable fire detection and alarm systems, emergency and exit lights, and passive fire protection measures.
Must be knowledgeable in operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting fire protection systems in central monitoring stations; and must be able to interpret all data produced from these systems and able to recommend appropriate action based on sound engineering.
Must be able to revise new design approaches to problems; and prepare or modify drawings, specifications, calculations, charts, and graphs; and monitor work for compliance with applicable codes, accepted engineering practices, and NFPA and IBC fire codes.
Must be able to use leading industry fire protection software calculation programs.
Must have experience in planning, programming, estimating, scheduling, and quality control.
Must have excellent knowledge of NFPA 13, 20, 25, and 72

Duties and Responsibilities
The Fire Protection Engineer produces fire protection designs for commercial structures, light industrial, institutional, and museums; inspects existing systems, determine their condition, and verify records and drawings for accuracy.
The Fire Protection Engineer will develop design calculations and requirements for commercial, light industrial, and museums. Determine design requirements for fire detection and alarm, mechanical fire pumps, fire protection, and suppression or electrical systems as applicable.