Energy Demand Professional

Saudi Arabia
23 Feb 2016
22 Feb 2017
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
Position Description
We are seeking an Energy Demand Professional to join the Kingdom Economic & Energy Analysis Department (KEEAD) of Corporate Planning.

The core function of KEEAD organization is to advise the company's management and external (i.e. government and private) stakeholders on domestic energy outlooks, domestic economic evaluations, domestic fuel and feed stock pricing, macroeconomic outlook, and international energy policies and regulations, besides assisting in strategic planning and domestic energy strategy formulation as well as policy analysis. KEEAD serves as the center of expertise on a wide variety of strategic issues that are of great impact on the domestic energy landscape to ensure sustainable economic development of Saudi Arabia. It is to provide insights based on evidence on a number of macroeconomic, energy, and policy issues.

The Energy Demand Professional primary role is to assist with KEEAD's achievement of major initiatives in the areas of energy demand analysis, trends, collection and analysis of kingdom related data in the area of energy demand, drafting of policy recommendations, research, and development of evidence based insights in the area of energy demand. In addition, the candidate is to support KEEAD's efforts in the area of supporting and communicating with corporate management as well as with other relevant organizations within and outside the company.

Minimum Requirements
MSc or equivalent in engineering, energy economics, or a related field.

15-20 years of experience in the area of energy demand analysis and research.

Must be:

Fluent in English (both spoken and written)
Strong communications skills and ability to present results
Able to work in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams
Able to produce high quality reports, studies and presentations
Able to deal effectively with other staff and with external stakeholders
Capable to relate changes in energy demand to consequences on economy and policy areas.
Represent KEEAD both within the company and externally if needed
Experienced in energy modeling and interpretation of results

Duties and Responsibilities
You will be required to perform the following:

Manage and support in all possible forms small teams to deliver analytic functions in the area of energy demand.
Supervise and produce own or joint research conducted internally and monitor and report on research published on areas related to energy demand including issues related to demand management and efficiency.
Analyze and assess energy demand data, research, policy, and arguments in a logical manner and in line with theory and best practices in the area of energy demand.
Assist KEEAD management and Aramco management in responding to urgent questions in the area of energy demand and issues based on evidence and analysis.
Manage market and other assessments as well as monitor and report relevant insights in the area of Saudi Arabia energy demand.
Present data in formats that is understandable to stakeholders, to other staff, and to senior decision-makers.
Conduct analysis relevant to operational and policy issues in area of expertise.
Provide well-written advice on short turn-around times for variety of management issues in addition to long term analysis and forecasts.
Provide training relevant to job requirements to employees not directly involved in energy demand issues and staff involved in operations.
Help more junior staff with their development and mentoring.
Provide relevant inputs to energy model with capability to interpret and analyze model results and their impact on demand forecast, policy, and economy.