Teleperm XP Engineer

€4,000 to €8,000 net per month (after taxes)
03 May 2019
03 Jun 2019
Contract Type
Full Time

Scope (including main skills):

  1. Planning (preparation):
    • Review engineering deliveries for completeness and correctness according to changes expected to grant approval for implementation on site
    • Update commissioning procedures according to the changes implemented and have them release for execution (RFA)
    • Definition and preparation of the simulations needed for their implementation on site
    • Participation in the review of the TXP testing equipment and peripheral testing devices required for the tests
  2. Execution:
    • Implement engineering changes on site according to the change management procedures in force with regards to traceability requirements
    • Review of the test procedures and define simulations – scripts and testing tools to be implemented for the execution of the tests
    • Execution of the tests under the supervision of the system leader
    • Assistance to the preparation of the test reports including the assessment of the I&C test outcomes
    • Support to troubleshooting activities, if any
  3. Control and monitoring:
    • Prepare Commissioning Verification Sheets according to manual implementation of changes
    • Provide inputs to progress measurement and reporting linked to his / her section leader and I&C system leader
    • Initiate corrective actions in case of deviations
  4. Closure:

The completion of the commissioning activities is sanctioned by following events:

  • Successful implementation of engineering deliveries
  • Successful issue of the test reports related to the scope of the Commissioning instructions executed
  • Closing-out of all open points assigned to the entrusted test scope

Main skills:

The TELEPERM XP product lines used on the project consist of following main components. The applicant ought to be familiar with a portion the product lines according to his / her missions on site:

  • ES 680 Engineering and Commissioning Tools
  • Web4TXP Process Engineering and Commissioning Tools
  • Tec4function tool
  • OM 690 Operating and Monitoring System
  • AS 620B (FUM) Automation System including communication modules
  • DS 670 Diagnosis system
  • Bus systems including Industrial Ethernet and Profibus DP fieldbus