About E.ON

E.ON is one of the world's largest power and gas companies. Across Europe, we supply energy that powers everything from streetlights to transport and helps millions of people to go about their daily lives. It's incredibly complex work, driven by a simple vision. Everything we do is directed towards making life that little bit simpler for our customers. Our vision is to be our customers' trusted energy partner.


What do we do?

We supply power and gas to around five million customers and counting in the UK alone, providing both homeowners and businesses with technical innovation and a service they can trust. To deliver this, we currently manage 13 oil fields across the UK, Norway and Russia, and are constantly exploring to discover new energy sources in and beyond the North Sea.

With our industry evolving faster than ever, we're also looking at new and better ways to generate energy. Since 2011, we have invested an impressive €3bn into renewables like wind, biomass and marine, plus climate protection measures. We're using new technologies to help reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuels, and we're also finding lots of clever ways to help customers use less energy and keep their bills down.

We want to be a company people can trust and are always looking at ways to make energy cleaner. 

473 jobs with E.ON