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We are ambitious for you

With a unique 50-year heritage of innovative recruitment, Morson Talent is a business with unrivalled sector knowledge, trusted relationships, highly skilled expertise and a consistent personal approach that our clients, contractors, candidates and employees continue to value. You will find our influence and people across a number of sectors; aerospace, automotive, construction, IT & digital, manufacturing, maritime, nuclear, professional services and rail.

Our team comprises 1,000+ talented people who go above and beyond to place thousands of diverse people into assignments, roles and projects globally – spanning all skill levels and disciplines.

We draw from an ever-expanding portfolio of 12,000+ engaged candidates who look to us for expert support to maintain and enhance their careers with new opportunities, qualifications and an international reach. Annually, we deliver millions of people hours to client projects.

We are innovators with people at our heart, we sit processes and technology around our people to deliver smarter solutions, better experiences and successful outcomes.

Our independence and depth of offer means that we think and operate differently; giving you access to the right people at the right time, we listen, understand and develop solutions for you. Together, we share, we trust, we solve, we inspire, we are inspired.

It’s our specialist expertise that people come for and it’s the personal experience that they stay for.

Welcome to Morson Talent, placing people first. Morson Talent is a proud member of the Morson Group


With care, courage, curiosity and collaboration at our heart; our candidates return, our clients become advocates and our employees thrive in a successful culture that nurtures their ambitions.


As a recognised and respected leader in our sector, we are driven to succeed - always aiming to do our best.

As experts, we have the courage to push the boundaries, explore the opportunities and always go the extra mile. We inspire our teams to think bigger whilst keeping our customers at the centre of every decision.

We are a business that gets results and delivers to the highest standards.



We love a challenge and thrive on making things happen.

Being curious means that we truly value diversity, seeking different perspectives and learning from each other, our clients, candidates and community.

We explore the world around us so that we can make a positive difference to people's lives.

We are always on a mission to innovate, problem-solve and adapt - continuously improving everything we do.


We care about getting to know each other personally and professionally, and we give back, supporting our communities and protecting our environments. 

We place safety and sustainability at the forefront; focusing on wellness for our people across our physical, emotional and social needs

The Morson Group is a family formed from a diversity of ideas, backgrounds and cultures. We nurture our individual and collective ambitions.


We work together across the Morson Group businesses, departments and teams with authenticity, transparency and integrity.

We see the big picture - developing and sharing our knowledge to discover solutions and suggest better approaches.

We are open-minded, honest and respectful, embracing differing perspectives to achieve better ways of working and deliver results.



Built on ambition, defined by our people.

Morson exists to make a positive difference to people’s lives, our clients, candidates, contractors, colleagues and the communities in which we work.

We care for the mind, body and soul of our colleagues.

We listen, understand and innovate for our clients. Their success is our success.

We look after our contractors and candidates, personally and professionally.

We are responsible, we nurture our communities.

​Are you looking for a career with purpose, ambition and challenge?

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1000+ employees
Engineering, Nuclear, Power, Oil and Gas, Renewables, EV and Battery
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Oil and Gas, Oil, Gas, Renewable Energy, EV, Power, Nuclear, Engineering


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