CMC Global Company Limited.

CMC Global Company Limited.


True Expertise Delivered

Coalesce Management Consulting provide expert solutions for Advanced Engineering and Energy projects globally.

We build partnerships with STEM businesses worldwide, delivering experienced, industry-leading consultants to drive effective solutions on projects of different sizes and complexity. We know that all clients and all projects are different, which is why we work with you to fully understand your needs and provide a bespoke service that suits you. 

Most importantly, when you engage with one of our consultants you can be assured of consistent, continuous service from start to end of your project. 


Come Together As One

Established in 2016, we have achieved significant growth as a business by developing bespoke, high-value solutions delivered through our ever-expanding community of experts across our global STEM markets.

The very essence of CMC is embodied in our name, Coalesce, which literally means to come together as one.

Our entire operating model is designed around providing amazing solutions that enable our clients to maximise the potential within their own organisation. Through authentic collaboration we develop a deep understanding of the needs of our clients, and provide high-value connections.


Our Commitment 

We are committed to providing sustainable solutions, high impact consultancy, and top calibre industry experts to successfully achieve your business objectives and ambitions.

We grow by helping you grow, by providing in depth business-needs analysis and delivering bespoke, high-value solutions that maximise the potential within your organisation.

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Recruitment Agency
Company size: 
51-250 employees
Engineering, Power, Renewables
Wanted occupational fields: 
Engineering, Power, Renewable Energy


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