Introducing the world’s tallest Lego tower


The world’s tallest Lego tower has been built in Tel Aviv, Israel. Constructed from approximately 500,000 Lego bricks, it stands 36 metres high which is a metre higher than the current record holder. 

The previous world record holder for the tallest Lego tower was built in Milan in 2015, however drone images have now been submitted to the Guinness World Records to verify the new tower’s height.

The Lego tower is named the Omer Tower after Omer Sayag, an 8-year-old boy who was a Lego enthusiast and who tragically lost his battle with cancer in 2014. Following his death, his school teachers came up with the idea and the bricks to build the structure were donated by the public, the government and local businesses. 

The tower was built using a crane and is held in place with a number of wires

Tel Aviv Mayor, Ron Huldai said:

“The project was a community effort of all of the people of Tel Aviv, 26 community centres, Jews and Arabs, rich and poor, orthodox and secular”.

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