Will engineering jobs become more automated in the future?

There have been recent headlines that are explaining the rise of technology and how this development of automation and robotic operators that may potentially affect the future of jobs available in the engineering market.

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While some of the recent stories may be slightly exaggerated, it is generally believed that automation and technology will take over some of the existing positions within the engineering market.

Within the engineering market, there are wider discussions whether engineers could create robotic devices that potentially replace their current roles in the industry. This piece explores the potential of this happening and how this ultimately could affect the overall industry.

There is a general agreement that some job automation and technology is inevitable and a large number of certain jobs within engineering are likely to be dominated by technology. Automation and technology have gradually infiltrated into our lives over recent years. For example, automated self-service checkouts are now a common service available.

There are two varying perspectives in regards to this rise of technology. There is the concerning viewpoint that the increase of robotic technology will leave fewer jobs for us humans. The second perspective, being a little more encouraging, suggests that as technology and ‘robots’ take over certain areas of the engineering market, it will create a rise in demand for new and varied roles. In engineering this directly relates to rising of technology to control manual tasks, leading to higher requirements for quality control, management, and programming.

Engineering leaders believe that highly skilled positions are resilient and unlikely to be replaced by technology. Industry specialist explains that creativity, problem-solving and general analysis skills cannot be replaced, at least not anytime soon. Positions such as mechanical engineers are highly unlikely to be affected by the rise of technology in the future.

The key question people are asking is whether robotic engineers are developing sophisticated technology that could potentially replace future engineers. Experts explain that we are a long way off from being in a situation where technology has the ability to replace or be sophisticated enough to operate in a range of engineering positions.

More emphasis should be placed on how technology and automation can benefit the industry and ultimately create more engineering opportunities. The rise of automation and technology is nothing new to the engineering industry. The industry should embrace the rise of technology, how it can support the progression of innovative projects and the development of new engineering roles.

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