Will 2016 be a pivotal year for the offshore wind industry?

Following a record year for the offshore wind industry analysts are predicting 2016 will be a pivotal year for the offshore wind sector.

Wind capacity is expected to grow signifcantly post 2016 with UK and Germany planning to install over 10GW each by 2025 resulting in a continued increase in wind industry jobs. This surge of capacity is a result of offshore wind activity in the North Sea.

Out of Europe both the USA and South Korea are expected to commission new offshore wind developments this year and China is forecasting to install over 10GW of wind capacity this year.

Other key projects include the decommissioning of offshore wind assetsin Sweden, while France and Taiwan are expected to begin construction on their first offshore farms.

Offshore wind is still considered a costly energy resource but as energy efficiency improves the costs are falling and larger turbine developments are capable of offering higher yields and overall improved operational efficiency.


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