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Airswift Senior VP of Europe and Africas, Ford Garrard reveals the importance of a strong company culture and high quality in-house training schemes. More from the 2016 most searched energy workforce provider…

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Company culture can be tailored by many aspects. Fun or formal? Traditional or forward-thinking? The culture you implement will have a direct impact on your employees and the clients working with you.

We were eager to speak with Airswift’s regional Senior VP, Ford Garrard, who truly believes maintaining a strong company culture should be at the forefront of any business leader’s mind.

“At Airswift, you have to fit culturally,” Begins Ford.

“You could be the most successful recruiter in the world, but if your culture, behaviour and team ethic are not a high priority, none of this matters.”

“We have bright, mature and modest consultants working for us and that approach really works.”

This culture is continually represented at Airswift, where success remains consistent and service is of the highest quality, time after time. Exposure to your company’s culture from each employee’s start date is critical to ensuring your people work effectively from the offset. 

Training is also an important benefit that is often undervalued. Particularly for a consultant company, clients expect their external consultants to offer insight, as well as dedication.

“All of our consultants receive one on one training for their roles, no matter how much experience they have when they join us,” continues Ford.

“Internally, we are continually investing in our Learning Management team. We have dedicated trainers in the organisation, who are constantly listening to the management team and assessing the business and where we can increase productivity.”

“It’s organic and reactive to what our business is doing at that one time, but there is also the proactive element where we constantly assess where training is required.”

Despite having presence in over 50 locations, each and every one of Airswift’s hubs represents the strong brand its leaders have worked tirelessly to maintain, through hiring the best talent and enrolling new employees in the company’s core values from the offset.

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