What makes your job "top of the pops" for candidates - tips from the leading job board in the energy industry

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The internet has expanded the horizons of recruitment in hundreds of ways, to the point where it’s almost unfathomable now without the use of the web.

We have the internet – Great.

But are you utilizing your facilities to the best of their potential? It’s fair to assume that using job boards is pretty black and white. But what if your perfect candidate has been blown away by your competitor’s job ad? Even companies you don't consider rivals could be stepping on your toes if you're writing appalling job ads. 

I wanted to bring some ideas to the table that are somewhat opinionated and somewhat factual, so feel free to share yours. I’d love to hear about your successes but please feel free to also go ahead and share ads where response has been… well, surprisingly poor…


What’s in it for me? Are you being too demanding?

The most common error I come across when looking at job ads is the recruiter being too “The ideal candidate should…” When in actual fact; the ideal candidate may just snub your ad for being too demanding!

Changing jobs (especially if you’re passive about the subject) can be a daunting task in itself, something that will inevitably be completely outside your comfort zone. A candidate needs to feel enticed, not pressurized or inadequate for the role. I’m not saying be vague about the requirements, because they’re just as important. But you should be including as much content about the opportunities for the candidate as you would about the skills and experience required, if not more.


Key words, skills, titles REPEAT

The more times you mention key words that a candidate has searched for, the higher up on their search you will be. I suggest using the key words related to the candidates you want to attract at least four times in the content of the advert. I would repeat the job title numerous times in the content of the ad too.


Simplify by bullet pointing

There seems to be a stigma related to bullet pointing in general where it’s thought that using bullet points is child’s play, a way of making it easy for the writer to set something out, rather than writing content with the correct paragraphing themselves. Granted, in other means this is a fair assumption. Bullet pointing the content of a job ad, on the other hand, is the perfect way to provide a clear list of specifics for the candidate.

Whether it be the requirements, or the candidate’s day-to-day role, bullet pointing allows the job seeker to view, understand and then group these sections together. They can take one look at the requirements, for example, and say: “OK… I feel confident in applying for this role” and vice versa.


Small changes for big results

So, hopefully these tips will allow your job ad to stand out compared to your competitors. I think it’s important to remember that job ads cost money and if you are improving your efforts with your ads you are more likely to see a higher return of investment from job boards. These are tips we have seen bring promising results and the best performing jobs on our board have these characteristics. If you would like any assistance writing job ads, we are more than happy to help – Get in contact with us by emailing sales@energyjobline.com and we can review your ad for you.

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