Vestas delivers new wind turbine for China

Vestas has recently announced the introduction of a brand new wind turbine model for the wind industry in China.

Wind turbine

The new model (V120-2.0/2.2MW turbine) has been designed to work effectively in areas with particularly unfavourable wind conditions.

The new turbine model technology includes a 120-metre rotor constructed with the latest carbon technology. The enhanced model includes an increased coverage/swept area by nearly 20%. As a result, the new design is capable of generating up to 13% more energy production every year.

Wind projects in China are continuing to shift towards areas with predominantly less favourable wind conditions that frequent the south-eastern regions of the country. The new model introduced by Vestas is specifically designed to operate in these regions of China and manage the growing market demand for further wind industry development.

Vestas has stated that the first prototype of the V120-2.0/2.2MW will be constructed and installed within early 2018. The production and installation of the turbines will take place within Tianjin with project deliveries expected by the end of 2018.

This agreement by Vestas with the Chinese wind market is another promising step in encouraging the further development of the booming industry within China. Introducing the latest wind turbine models available by Vestas will ensure customer demand is met and support the continued development of the wind industry, employment and wind jobs available within China.

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