Vattenfall turns up the heat with new UK ventures


Vattenfall, one of Northern Europe’s market leaders in green energy, has stepped up its UK expansion plans and highlights the UK opportunities at one of Europe’s largest heat and power distribution providers.


Director of Governance, Strategy and Business Intelligence at Vattenfall’s Business Area Heat, Marco Sick, says the heat giant’s new venture into the UK market is “incredibly exciting” for three main reasons: regulation, direction and potential.

“The UK has a significant challenge ahead in decarbonising its heat supply to homes and businesses.” Says Sick. 

“We believe we can use our experience as Europe’s largest heat supplier and provider to help deliver a zero-carbon heat future for the UK. We also believe we are best placed to develop the modern, decarbonised and integrated heat solutions of the future.”

“This new project is a continuation of Vattenfall’s growth story and strategic direction, which is to be fossil-fuel free in a generation.”

The move into UK soil also ties into Vattenfall’s presence in Distribution, where the UK is currently lacking in strong competition.

According to Stewart Dawson, Managing Director of Distribution in the UK at Vattenfall, the Europe-wide power firm is best placed to “grow and develop the UK energy market”.

“OFGEM, the UK regulator wants to introduce greater competition in the UK’s electricity market,” says Dawson.

“This is a great opportunity for Vattenfall to bring across the expertise we have in Sweden and Germany. We currently run the Berlin network and half of the Swedish network, which means we can transfer our strong expertise across to the UK and open up benefits to consumers.”


Job opportunities

In preparation for its UK venture, Vattenfall is now on the look-out for “enthusiastic and dynamic” professionals to head up its UK heat and distribution movement.

Sick says, “For heat, we have incorporated a legal entity in the UK and are in the process of interviewing for a UK Director (Heat).”

“This entity will be led by a UK Director, with a positive outlook to expand and, if successful, grow into a future business unit. We are also planning to hire 5-7 employees with a heat or commercial background to become a part of this exciting project.”

“Vattenfall’s UK heat business is and will be generating exciting vacancies with the endless opportunities of a start-up company, matched with the financial stability of the largest heat player in the continental market.”

For the distribution side of the business, Vattenfall are now searching for a Principal Engineer. To ensure assets are managed effectively, from a safety perspective, a Commercial Manager and two Business Development Managers will be required.”

“Vattenfall will be hiring committed individuals with a strong knowledge in UK-specific power distribution networks and a keen attitude to expanding their expertise in new technologies,” says Stewart Dawson.


Currently Vattenfall is in the middle of the recruitment process for these new ventures. To browse Vattenfall’s latest available vacancies with Energy Jobline, click here to begin exploring new job opportunities.

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