US energy chief makes bold statement on advances in energy storage

Energy chief

US energy secretary, Ernest Moniz has made a claim that there are such great advances being made in technologies for storing energy that the US will be completely decarbonised by 2050.

The development of storage is being researched in many areas of the world, but the US is where this research has seen the most break-through. Now, the development has reached a stage where it is no longer questionable as to whether this form of storage will ever be offered to consumers, it’s a case of when – i.e. will it be the 2020’s or 2030’s?

Some might wonder what has caused this sudden optimism from Moniz. According to the energy secretary and a nuclear physicist, surges of excess power will be stored for use at later times when they sun has set and be heavily consumed in the peaks of the early evening.

“Storage is a huge deal,” said Moniz. He is now more than confident that the grid and power system will be so advanced that it will be fully decarbonized by the middle of this century. How? The US Department of Energy is looking to provide funding for at least 75 electricity storage projects, which are currently being research in the USA’s top universities such as Harvard, MIT and Stanford.

This has now been named the ‘Holy Grail’ of energy policy.

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