Unexpected delay until Autumn for EDF’s Hinkley Point

hinkley point1

This week was looking promising for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project, when investment plans were revealed, followed by an organized board meeting taking place to finalize investment decisions on Thursday. But the plans have once again been delayed by the government, who want to consider the project in more detail before approving the finalized plans.

There have been a number of concerns surrounding the project, which the government is taking into deep consideration before providing any sort of go-ahead. The main worry is the French utility financing the project, which was recently aided by the heavy investment from China. Unfortunately, this is also a concern in itself for the government, who are anxious about the site being built by foreign governments.

According to the BBC, EDF Energy were shocked at the recent set-back after so much positivity surrounding the new plant earlier this week. The government launched a further review of the project almost immediately after final investment plans had been decided, a very frustrating surprise.

Despite the shock delay, in terms of eventually getting the go-ahead, Hinkley Point C still has an enormously strong chance of going ahead as it is beneficial to not only the UK’s energy efficiency but also that of Europe’s industry. It will also provide an abundance of job opportunities that the government will not want to prevent.

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