Unemployed oil and gas workers targeted in online scam

Energy Jobline is warning candidates to be aware of current scams targeted at unemployed oil and gas workers. 

Several North Sea firms, including Peterhead based ASCO group, are warning about fraudulent activity designed to trick those affected by the oil crisis into giving up cash and personal details.

The jobs scam is believed to involve handing over passport details and payment to cover processing fees, visas and work permits before non-existent posts are offered.

The con has been condemned by union chiefs, who say widespread job losses across the industry due to the collapsed global oil price have left many people unemployed, vulnerable and desperate.

More than 65,000 workers associated with the North Sea industry have been left without a job since Brent crude dropped to a 12 year low of below 30 dollars a barrel earlier this year.

If you have recently experienced any potential scams or have fallen victim to any of these related incidents we would love to hear more from you.

Please contact us at mail@energyjobline.com 

For more information on this issue please read the full article here.

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