UK will most probably fail to hit 2020 Renewable Energy targets

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The UK will almost absolutely fail to hit its EU 2020 Renewable Energy targets, according to National Grid. The utility giant are predicting this following on from the release of its UK future energy scenarios report, which covers four various policy outcomes. The comparison shows that even when considering an outcome of the most environmentally friendly policies, the UK is expected to indefinitely miss its goal of generating 15% of total energy from clean energy sources.

The UK Government has recently stopped claiming that the 2020 target will be achieved, but it was thought that the progress the UK was making was at a good level until this revelation became apparent. The UK also made a goal of its own to reduce its long term CO2 emissions, which is looking just as unlikely, unless the UK tightens down on its policies almost immediately. This entailed emissions reductions of 80% by 2050.

According to the Committee on Climate Change, the government were much too aspirational about the impact the current policies will have on clean energy targets and were wrong to assume that the UK will be able to achieve these with the current measures in place.

This lack of commitment to the clean energy sector means that there will also be a feeling of disappointment for Renewable professionals and companies because there is less investment for Renewable projects, meaning a lack of increase on Renewables jobs. Despite these negative predictions, it’s not possible for anyone to predict how the Brexit vote will impact these targets. There are definitely hopes and fears associated with the outcome, but it would be foolish for Government bodies to make assumptions about the subject.

According to BBC News, the 2050 targets the UK has set are not unachievable, but a cost effective range of solutions will need to be put in place before Britain can make a sharp move in the right direction. This would require 22 GW of Nuclear, 100 GW of Renewable energy generation and 20 GW of fossil fuel generation and this has to be equipped with carbon capture and storage technology by 2050.

A spokesman for BBC News said: “The 2050 targets are still achievable, but we need much more momentum. The government has to change the trajectory or we are going to fail. We need to learn our lessons from where things have gone wrong so far."

Unfortunately, the UK seems to be going in a vicious circle in terms of fiscally and in terms of its energy policies. The money isn’t being raised to enable better technology for clean energy generation and for the country’s nuclear plans and this is because the UK is not being required to meet any ground shaking environmental targets.

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