UK's largest steelworks Port Talbot at risk with 4,500 jobs at stake

Port Talbot steelworks at night

Britain’s largest steelworks is at risk of closure with thousands of jobs at stake.

Union leaders and local politicians are calling for bosses Tata to come up with an urgent rescue plan for Port Talbot, warning: “It is 10 minutes to midnight.”

The plant in South Wales is the country’s biggest steel plant, employing 4,500 people and thousands more in the supply chain.

Closing the site would be a hammer blow for the UK’s beleaguered steel industry which has lost thousands of workers in the last three months.

Union leaders at Port Talbot are urging the management to come forward with an emergency plan to save the plant, which is reportedly losing £1million a week.

The steel industry has been struggling because of high energy costs, a downturn in the global market and the dumping by China of cheap exports.

There are now fears Port Talbot could follow Scunthorpe, where Tata is cutting 1,200 staff, and Redcar where SSI shut the plant with the loss of 1,700 jobs.

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