UK renewable capacity has exceeded fossil fuels for the first time in history


The UK’s renewable energy capacity has surpassed that of fossil fuels for the first time, something analysts deemed impossible as recent as three years ago.

Across the last five years, the renewable sector’s capacity in the UK region has tripled, as fossil fuel capacity has plummeted.

Many power stations have reached the end of their lifespan, or operations have been shut down due to inefficiency. Whereas, the capacity of wind, solar, biomass and hydropower reached highs of 41.9 GW, topping coal, gas and oil-fired plants by 700 MW.

This data was collected by Imperial College London, which states the rate at which renewables has grown in the last three years was greater than the 1990s’ “dash for gas” period.

Dr Iain Staffell, who produced the research, said: “Britain’s power system is slowly but surely walking away from fossil fuels, and this quarter saw a major milestone on the journey.”


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