UK’s largest private nuclear fusion facility begins construction


Pulsar Fusion’s 10,000 square-foot facility will generate a plasma temperature warmer than the surface of the sun.


A privately-owned nuclear fusion centre in Buckinghamshire, which is expected to be the UK’s largest nuclear fusion facility, has entered construction phase at a secret location.

Led by nuclear entrepreneur Richard Dinan, who previously featured on the UK reality TV show Made in Chelsea, the facility expects to achieve its temperature target within the next quarter.

Researchers from the plant says nuclear fusion could power future space exploration and advanced green energy developments, by producing an infinite supply of clean energy.

Mr Dinan said: “Nuclear has a bad name because humans initially used its power to create weapons but there is a totally safe, clean other side to it that is demonstrated by the stars.

“The same technology that allowed us to do the worst thing we have ever done, will give us the ability to do the best thing we will ever do, generate abundant, powerful clean energy.”

Dinan has written a book on the subject, having been a guest lecturer for Imperial College London’s Master of Science students and the Oxford University Scientific Society.

“I dream about nuclear fusion. I'm obsessed with the technology. Nuclear fusion is how the stars are shining. This is how the universe makes energy. It's free, it's abundant. It's not setting fire to anything. So, we are building a little star. On Earth.”


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