UK customers misled by ‘green’ energy deals


Households trying to ‘go green’ with their energy usage are reportedly being misled by energy tariffs, a new report from Compare the Market reveals.

An analysis of 54 dual-fuel tariffs with green offerings has revealed that only one in five comes from 100 per cent renewable energy sources.

Over half have no renewable gas component at all and the rest only offer carbon offset schemes that have been deemed ineffective and open to exploitation.

The report says that two out of three deals presented by one company with the word “green” in its name include no renewables at all.

Approximately one in seven households are on these types of tariffs, and roughly one million households are supplied with these “green” gas deals, which has increased by 150 per cent in the last year.

Increased awareness around the climate change topic following its recent publicity has resulted in this growth in green tariff purchases.

Peter Earl, head of energy at Compare the Market, said: “Climate change issues are increasingly becoming front of mind for environmentally conscious consumers, and many people are considering ways in which to limit their carbon impact.

“The energy market clearly has a way to go before it is able to offer all consumers a truly green option. The challenge is for the energy market to meet that demand.

“The most meaningful way to effect significant behaviour change is to create competition in the market. We can see the appetite is there from the customer side.

“However, in the majority of cases, what is currently on offer doesn’t quite meet the mark for consumers and the current labelling of ‘green’ can be confusing.

“We need more renewable energy, more price competition and a greater array of green tariffs that are properly and transparently labelled. People want to change, and it’s time for the energy industry to respond.”


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