UK couple save £1,000 a year on energy bills by switching to clean energy

Clean energy

So, how does a standardized semi-detached house in Penarth, Wales become a clean energy prodigy? Nigel and Chris Humphrey live in a house jam packed with energy features, which has led to their home being deemed a ‘superhome’ that saves Nigel and Chris over £1,000 annually on energy bills.

The couple installed a wide range of energy saving products, which included cavity wall insulation, floor insulation, loft insulation and triple glazing, partnered with low energy appliances that enabled them to minimize their energy bills to this extent. The couple also installed solar PV panels to the household’s rooftop and a Dimplex air source heat pump, which feeds into a number of heating panels within the interior walls.

These energy saving enhancements has meant the couple have managed to save at least 80% on their energy bills, not including the £250 from the feed-in-tariff for the solar panels. It’s a wonder how they financed all of these changes, despite the long term financial benefits from investment. According to the couple, Nigel thought about their fiscal decisions smartly and used grants to fund the clean energy instalments.

Not only is the household saving in the thousands on its energy bills, but it’s also winning national environmental awards. The project has won the Green Apple Award, which establishes and highlights environmental best practice across the globe.

“It’s important to us that our home is comfortable, secure, and attractive, and we also want it to be energy efficient so that it costs less to run and we do our bit toward saving the planet. Retrofitting an existing house to meet the highest energy standards can cost a lot of money, so instead I deliberately set out to reduce the heat load as effectively as I could using grants and what are now fairly conventional levels of insulation.” Said Nigel.

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