TTIP Energy proposal could harm EU climate policy

TTIP Energy proposal

The new recent draft of the TTIP agreement is thought to be able to harm the European Union’s efforts to encourage clean power, according to members of the European parliament. This is the 14th set of negotiations held on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership free trade deal and will begin today in Brussels. Once again the renewable industry and renewable job opportunities seem to be taking a hit from lack of government support.

According to The Guardian, a leak has been found in which the EU has proposed a halt on obligatory savings procedures, which means that renewable energy encouragement will once again receive a negative impact in terms of EU support. This includes environmental measures put in place against mining, fossil fuel extracting and logging, which could be lessened due to awareness being raised about the new TTIP agreement. The European commission has insisted that the new trade deal is designed to “promote renewable energy and energy efficiency – areas that are crucial in terms of sustainability”.

There are many campaigners that believe the release of the draft could put a complete stop to the balancing of the energy industry and disallow Europe’s plans to combat climate change. “Legally-binding energy standards have done wonders to lower energy bills for homes and offices, so much so that energy use has dropped even as the British economy has grown and appliances have become more power-hungry.” said Jack Hunter, a spokesman for the European Environmental Bureau.

One part of the draft orders that operators of energy networks give use to gas and electricity but this is only “on commercial terms that are reasonable, transparent and non-discriminatory, including as between types of energy”

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