More people in oil and gas are considering the transition to renewables

The recent growth of renewable energy jobs combined with the current decline in the oil and gas industry has sparked a growth of interest in energy industry professionals considering a transition towards renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Worker

It was recently announced that employment rates in the UK have recently hit a record high of 73.7%. This comes at a time whilst the oil and gas industry continues to see massive cut backs where more than 200 000 oil and gas jobs have been cut worldwide since the oil prices collapsed last year.

Whilst employment rates are at their highest actual earnings have continued to slow and pay growth for British workers has especially shown signs of rapidly slowing.

All signs point towards a growing transition of energy industry professionals from oil and gas towards the renewable energy sector. At a time when oil and gas jobs are being shed in their thousands the renewable energy industry gained record numbers of hiring in solar, wind and hydro sectors.

This isn’t necessarily offsetting the loss of jobs in oil and gas industry but is definitely showing strong signs of contributing to the current decline in oil and gas industry and growing strength of the emerging renewable energy industry worldwide.

Whilst the UK may not be actively advocating this surge of growth, renewables is being felt globally with nations such as China, India, Bangladesh and Japan embarking on massive programs to use more renewable energy.

According to International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Direct and Indirect employment within the renewable energy sector has increased by 18% which equates to an additional 1.2M jobs in the last year.

New opportunities within the renewable energy industry are emerging with many engineering students and current professionals alike considering their options and potential career switches becoming more common place with experienced oil and gas professionals.

Are you considering utilising your skills and making a transition towards the renewable energy industry? We would love to hear your thoughts on the current energy industry and whether you have made or are considering making the move into renewables.

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