Top trending jobs for 2016 - Engineering and Software lead the list

If you are looking to start the New Year with a new career here are some jobs that will be trending in 2016.

Eight of the 19 jobs listed for 2016 are engineering, software, web app development and IT-related positions. A further six are in healthcare, two in finance-related fields and two are in marketing and sales.

Top Jobs for 2016

1 Registered Nurses
Software Developers, Applications
Marketing Managers
Sales Managers
5 Medical and Health Services Managers
6 Network and Computer Systems Administrators
Industrial Engineers
8 Computer Systems Analysts
Web Developers
10 Financial Managers

11 Physical Therapists
12 Pharmacists
13 Accountants and Auditors
14 Information Security Analysts
15 Occupational Therapists
16 Speech-Language Pathologists
17 Computer and Information Systems Managers
18 Mechanical Engineers
19 Human Resources Managers


Source: Emirates247

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