Top 10 Tips to Boost your LinkedIn Profile for Engineers

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to raise your professional profile and make great connections. Think of it as your online CV, a way to impress and show off your key skills to a large network of recruiters and employers. In fact 94% of recruiters search for job candidates via LinkedIn so it's your chance to get your profile in front of your next potential employer.


We've compiled some top tips to effectively help you raise your LinkedIn profile, and make it stand out from the competition...

1. First things first, update your profile picture. Still showing the silhouette? It's time to upgrade and upload a professional head shot. Did you know you're 14 times more likely to get more profile views with a professional photo? After all LinkedIn is for professionals so it's worth taking the time to get a photo taken. 

2. Complete all areas of your profile. Make sure your current position, education, industry, location and skills are all filled out and updated so you're showing your most recent information. Adding skills to your profile increases your profile views by up to 13 times and you can rearrange your skills and place the most important and relevant ones at the top. It's worth adding at least 5 skills to your profile. Did you know you're 15 times more likely to get more views by including the industry you work in? Recruiters will search by industry so it makes it much easier for potential employers to find you and get in contact with you. By listing your industry, LinkedIn will also tailor the content you see, connecting you to relevant jobs, events and articles so you can be up to date with the latest news within your sector.

3. Don't forget to include a strong summary! Your summary is your chance to get your professional story across, think of it as your introduction. After your photo, name and current position it's the next thing people will see on your profile. The best summaries include your skills, experience and interests and are over 40 words. Keep it professional but by all means, feel feel to add your own personality to it.

4. Voluntary work experience is just as important as formal work experience, if relevant to your field. In fact 42% of hiring managers said they viewed work experience as equivalent to formal work, so share those skills you have and the experience you've gained over the years. Be proud of what you've learned and let the world know.

5. Join groups. There are so many LinkedIn groups out there across a variety of different disciplines, sectors, industries and interests. Find groups within your niche and sector and get involved in the conversation. Any groups you follow will be visible on your profile so keep them relevant to your work experience to show recruiters your strong interest within the area you work in. Why not join 'Fircroft's Technical Engineering Networking Group', created to provide a common platform for engineering professionals. We'd love you to share your own successes and challenges, posts case studies and share resources on industry trends.

6. Visual is key - include videos and photos into your profile. Instead of text why not show images, share presentations or display work documents to showcase who you are? You can add photos and videos into your experience, education and summary sections. 


7. Personalise your LinkedIn URL. Enhance your profile by creating a custom URL, you can do this by viewing your profile and clicking 'Edit your public profile' located on the right hand side of your profile. In the column box next to your name you will find 'Edit public profile URL' click the pencil icon and then amend the second half of the URL to personalise it to describe who you are. Why not include your first and last name along with your industry or job title i.e Firstname-Lastname-Civil-Engineer. Customising the URL will enhance your personal brand and provide a clearer link to your profile which you can share with others.

8. You're in control. Share changes you make to your profile with your network. When adding a new section to your profile you can share this change with your network by clicking 'Share profile change', a notification may show up within your networks' timeline to notify them of any changes made to your profile. This is beneficial if you are looking for a new role as it can prompt a recruiter to view your profile and get in touch. However you do have the option not to use this feature if you want to add and implement changes without notifying your network.


10. Be social. Once you've perfected your profile and built up your network of connections, it's time to get active. Post valuable content such as news stories about your industry be it Engineering, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Construction & Infrastructure, Mining & Minerals, Power, Nuclear & Utilities, ICT or others and monitor your LinkedIn timeline, sharing posts from within your network to your own followers. Be engaging and interact with others sharing your thoughts and opinions. Again this all helps in improving your profile and personal branding and shows recruiters and employers that you're a thought-leader within your field with a passion about the area of work you are currently in or are looking to work in. 

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