Top 10 countries leading the solar industry in 2016

Despite the requirement of huge amounts of land space smaller countries including Germany, Japan and Italy all rank higher than larger nations such as the USA. The total cumulative solar power capacity for the entire world was 177,003 Megawatts — enough to power over 29 million homes.

Source: International Energy Agency

Desert Solar USA

Here are the top 10 countries leading the way in solar energy:

10. South Korea: 2,398 Megawatts

9. Belgium: 3,156 Megawatts

8. Australia: 4,130 Megawatts

7. Spain: 5,376 Megawatts

6. France: 5,678 Megawatts

5. United States: 18,317 Megawatts

4. Italy: 18,622 Megawatts

3. Japan: 23,409 Megawatts

2. China: 28,330 Megawatts

1. Germany: 38,250 Megawatts


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