Theresa May’s government urged to support green energy by UN

Theresa May

The recent outcome of the British EU Referendum has left the UK in a state of uncertainty and fear, particularly after the departure of former Prime minister David Cameron. New Prime minister Theresa May has been making drastic changes to the current government order and has even began selecting who will work alongside her (and deselecting…)

There has been great pressure on Theresa May to develop a logical plan for the UK to move forwards after the Brexit vote, but the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative is concerned about the energy industry and more particularly the support of green energy and combatting climate change. Rachel Kyte, chief executive of the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative has urged that the new UK government to make now the time to start generating an increased amount of energy from clean sources.

“This is about bringing better services, better quality services and jobs to the communities in this country that desperately need it,” said Kyte. “The evidence was (under previous energy policies) that this can happen and we should go back and make sure that whoever ends up running the government doesn’t abandon that”

The fear is that now the EU Renewable Energy targets are potentially dissolved, that the industry will receive support towards a cleaner future. The UN is desperately trying to urge Theresa May to continue with this support in her policies. The energy and environment policies are of course one of many areas that will be affected, but in particular, due to the carbon and energy targets set by the EU. Despite this, these issues seem to have received little if not no regard in the campaigns since the outcome.

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