Theresa May writes letter to China following Hinkley postpone

Theresa May

Shortly after EDF and external investors confirmed the final investment plans for Hinkley Point, EDF’s next nuclear project, Theresa May were once again delayed by the government and a final decision has now been postponed until September (at least). The new government assembly want to consider the project in more detail before approving the finalized plans.

There was also reference to the huge amount of investment taking place from China, which needed to be looked into by the UK government. China instantly took offence to these claims and even went as far as saying May’s mistrust in the East Asian country was ‘suspicious’ and her allegations ‘reflected a prejudice train of thought’.

Following on from this, the Prime minister has reached out to China in a bid to keep the relationship between the two countries as prosperous as possible. It seems that since Hinkley and many other projects the Chinese have invested into have fallen through, China is becoming increasingly agitated with the lack of mistrust the rest of the world seems to have in their large investment plans.

As covered by Energy Jobline here, the wariness between the UK and Australian governments involving China’s promising investment plans derive from China reclaiming reefs in the South China Sea, which was soon discovered to be illegal. Other countries such as Australia and the US were urging China to discontinue the operation.

Previously, David Cameron and George Osbourne were hot on policies that would encourage Chinese investment, making Theresa May’s sudden caps on this seem despondent on the idea.

The letter from Theresa May was sent by trade minister Alok Sharma and he recently made his way to Beijing to deliver it to the Chinese minister. The letter is May’s steps in ensuring China’s anger about the further delays on Hinkley are appeased and understood.

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