Theresa May seeks ‘strong relationship’ with China following Hinkley block

Theresa 1

Following on from the recent decision from the UK Government to postpone the go-ahead of the Hinkley Point nuclear project, the response from China about the pause was that the Prime minister was taking a ‘suspicious approach’ to China investing great amounts into the project and this was immediately questioned on one of China’s most publicized news agencies, Xinhua.

It’s been assumed that the UK Government has security concerns about the Chinese investing such a huge amount in the project and in doing so providing investment for the UK’s infrastructure.

Former business secretary Sir Vince Cable said that Theresa May has “general prejudice” against investment from China. “(George) Osborne kept pushing for more liberal treatment of visas for Chinese businessmen and she was very reluctant to go along with that. So I think she has form in adopting a more suspicious approach, more in line with the American position.”

According to Theresa May’s official spokeswoman, “Of course with the role that China has to play on world affairs, on the global economy, on a whole range of international issues, we are going to continue to seek a strong relationship with China.”

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