The tallest wind turbine in the world is created in Germany


German wind manufacturer Max Bogl Wind AG has developed the tallest wind turbine in the world. Reaching a height of nearly 180 meters and blade reach of over 245 meters, the turbine hub is expected to generate approximately €6.5M in revenue every year.

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Source: NewAtlas

Established back in 1929, the Max Bogl Group has expanded from a traditional building business into a global service and technology company. Operating across all modern construction fields, Max Bogl employs over six thousand engineering and construction professionals across 35 regions worldwide. Max Bogl now specialises in the construction of some of the largest wind turbines. The company has invested in technology which allows for developing turbines at great heights. This includes new segment geometry within the concrete tower section and cylindrical rings within the middle area of the turbine.

Located in Gaildorf, Germany, the wind project cost in excess of €70M. Developers highlight that for every additional meter added to the turbine size, the overall energy output increases by nearly 1% due to increased wind velocity and lower turbulence rates.

The individual turbine consists of a group of four turbine units with a range of 150 - 180 meters. Each turbine is fitted with a GE generator, that developers at Max Bogl wind AG claim will generate over 10,000 MWh each year. To put into context, the average household in the US uses around 10MWh every year.

This recent project contains a substantial water tower development, which is primarily used as high altitude reservoirs for a pumped storage hydropower station, situated at ground level.

The energy generated from the turbines can be used to pump water against gravity to store in the reservoirs. The water can then be released when required, to create an electric force. The technology has the capability of producing electricity and quickly transferring to a water storage facility in under a minute. With a capacity of nearly 70MWh, the water tower is an efficient added system to the wind tower facility.

Additional research is currently focusing on how expansive turbines can be made even taller. Vestas has recently announced they are developing a turbine that will exceed 240 meters. Researchers believe that creating wind farms with varied turbine heights, will improve the efficiency of wind farms, and lower the costs associated with energy generation by over 5%.

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