The solar workforce in the USA hits 200 000

During the last year the solar industry in the USA has added jobs 12x faster than the rest of the economy. More jobs have been created in solar than by oil and gas extraction and pipeline sectors combined.

For the third year running the solar workforce has grown by 20% in the USA. According to the solar job census the industry has added 35052 job giving a current total of 208859 jobs in the solar industry.

Solar installers have reported the most job growth by far, with project development, sales and distribution rising rapidly. 

The solar industry offers skilled and well paid jobs with huge potential for career development. Solar businesses are also employing more women than previous years - 49775 workers over the last year, up from 37500 in the year before.

2016 again i looking like a big year for the solar industry in the USA after congress extended the solar investment tax credits. This reinforced support for the industry has created a certainty with solar companies allowing for additional hiring and installation projects to commence during 2016. 

However as demand for solar rises and companies are becoming more efficient at production and installation, what will this mean for the job numbers?  

With current job growth there is a little concern of this affecting workforce numbers but as production and installation has become more efficient there is a potential that the workforce required will be reduced slightly. Companies will have the ability to install more, and more cheaply.

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