The Shetland Gas Plant is officially open

Total garage

French multinational integrated oil and gas business Total has announced the opening of the new Shetland Gas Plant, which is expected to supply energy to 2 million households. This is thought to be the largest construction project to be undertaken in the UK since the London 2012 Olympics. The plant will be expected to produce 90,000 barrels of oil equivalent in gas per day in just the Laggan and Tormore fields alone and in doing so produce 8% of Britain’s gas requirements.

Total have invested £3.5 billion into the plant and it has seen huge delays totalling to over a year, which have further increased the company’s costs. According to Chairmain Patrick Pouyanne, the plant shows that Total is truly committed to providing solutions to the UK’s energy production.

“This subsea-to-shore development is the first of its kind in the country and will provide the domestic market with 7% of its daily gas requirements while enabling the potential for further developments in the West of Shetland area.”

Special guests at the inauguration ceremony include energy minister Amber Rudd and Chairmain/ Chief Executive Patrick Pouyanné. According to Ms Rudd, this opening of this new gas plant brings great reassurance to the oil and gas industry, as it will provide jobs to industry professionals and also offer UK households more affordable energy. For the UK, the production of North Sea oil and gas is absolutely critical to the energy industry and this new investment is utilizing this opportunity to improve the United Kingdom’s energy security.

The plant is looking to create up to 800 jobs, 70 of these roles will be involved with plant operation. The construction of the project has been focused on not only onshore development of the plant, but also in subsea piping and infrastructure.

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