The IoD attacks UK government for failing to support energy security

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Theresa May recently made the decision to push back on the £18.5 billion Hinkley Point nuclear plant until September, due to various concerns over investment and in particular a lack of trust towards China, who have contributed a huge percentage of the total investment.

The Institute of Directors (IoD), the longest-running organisation for professional leaders, has recently slammed the government for its lack of support in delivering energy security to the UK with its current policies.

The employers group posted a survey that had been sent to its members, which showed that three quarters of the group’s members agreed that action to combat climate change with Renewable energy is absolutely vital to support the UK’s energy security. According to the poll, only 9% of the 1,000 business leaders who answered the questions strongly agreed with the aspect of Hinkley Point C and therefore heavy concentration on the nuclear industry.

“The IoD backs nuclear as a reliable source of low-carbon energy, but each project has to make economic sense. Hinkley Point C would generate reliable power for 5m homes, but given the costs, the government is right to take one final look before signing off,” said Dan Lewis, senior infrastructure policy adviser at the IoD.

“Government policy at the moment is creating all sorts of bizarre outcomes. Instead of accelerating moves to safely frack for gas and oil in the UK, we are importing coal and oil from Russia, and gas and oil from Norway, with the extra costs and emissions that involves.

“Instead of building cleaner gas plants to meet demand when renewables can’t, the government has been subsidising more polluting diesel-fired plants,”

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