The evolving Oil and Gas Industries in Today’s Digital Energy Network

Every business is a technology business today and embracing the opportunities that the Digital Economy presents can mean the difference between success or failure in the competitive market place. “Early movers will be the new market leaders and various pioneering companies in West Africa have already realized the implications of tapping into a digital ecosystem” comments Kudzai Danha, Head of SAP Nigeria.

In 2014 Accenture conducted its first Technology Vision survey, polling more than 2,000 business and technology executives across nine countries and 10 industries, in order to better understand key technology challenges as well as priority investments. The survey revealed that 62 percent are investing in digital technologies and 35 percent are comprehensively investing in digital as part of their overall business strategy.

The digital economy is real and the Oil and Gas industries are quickly becoming an evolving digital network in themselves. The traditional boundaries in the industries are blurring and attracting new entrants on both ends of the value chain. New entrants as well as existing players are leveraging knowledge and competencies to deliver “assetless” services, unencumbered by technology systems constraints or aged assets.

SAP takes a unique and holistic approach in partnering with over 700 Oil and Gas customers across the globe, helping them drive productivity and efficiency. By gaining a 360 degree view of operations, a company can discover many hidden efficiencies. Through the implementation of sector-specific software solutions, energy companies have realised gains such as 22 percent higher asset productivity, nearly 50 percent reduced downtime, 30 percent in annual savings due to aggregated purchases, and an astounding 79 percent drop in employee turnover.


The move from vertical to digital integration is transforming the way employees work, how they learn, interact and engage. In addition to this, safety is being improved with the increased use of robotic technologies, particularly in hazardous areas.


SAP’s Collaborative Value and Innovation Framework:



SAP will bring simplification, innovation and acceleration required to support the development of a company’s digital business strategy.



SAP’s HANA Enterprise Cloud enables oil and gas companies, stakeholders, suppliers, and customers to effectively connect and collaborate in real-time



SAP’s HANA Enterprise Cloud also enable oil and gas companies, stakeholders, suppliers and customers to similarly connect and collaborate. It helps address unplanned energy and asset outages more quickly and takes new products and services to market more quickly while responding to customers on the platforms they prefer.

SAP has a broad range of services to cover a business’ end-to-end digital transformation journey; from advising on an digital innovation roadmap and plan to implementing with proven best practices to the ability to run across all deployment models and ultimately optimizing for continuous innovation across your digital journey.

“SAP provides both choice and value, putting forward-looking businesses in the position to be one step ahead of the game.” concludes Danha.


Source: Business Day


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