The engineering industry needs more talent

In the State of Engineering report delivered by Engineering UK 2018, the industry is highlighted as continuing to miss out on potential talent as younger people fall out of the potential path of engineering at various points of the education system. The chief executive of Engineering UK emphasises that this is particularly the case for girls and people from BME communities and as a result it leading to issues of underrepresentation within the engineering industry.

Engineering is a significant industry, generating over a fifth of the £5.3 trillion turnovers in UK economy. The industry employs just over 5.5 million people, emphasising the rise in engineering businesses in recent years.
Industry analysis indicates that there is talent leaking from the industry pipeline which could be due to misconceptions about what engineering is and the skills engineers required. As a result, the demand for people with core engineering skills is unlikely to be fulfilled by the supply of people coming through the UK education network.

Industry experts believe the engineering sector needs to be more integrated and collaborate closely with both education and policymakers. This will enable the industry to identify the exciting opportunities to make an impact in an engineering career and highlight the variety of working environments the engineering sector offers.

EngineeringUK focuses on inspiring the future engineers and increase the amount and diversity of young people entering the engineering sector. Engineering UK believes the key is about combining employers and educators together to inspire, engage and educate young people from a range of background about the careers available in engineering. The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers event allow companies to provide hands-on activities to educate and inspire young people to enter the industry. The Big Bang event provides experience to over 80,000 visitors and over 170,000 young people at a range of events throughout the year.

EngineeringUK is highlighting 2018 as the year of engineering and aims to highlight the efforts of the industry and promote what engineering can offer to young people. EngineeringUK highlight this is how the industry will harness young people’s talent and enthusiasm to produce a diverse and successful engineering workforce.

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