The cultural shift needed in organisations to embrace all individuals


The shrinking labour force has commenced a significant cultural shift in workplaces across the UK and the rest of the world. Companies are beginning to adapt to the diversity needs within their teams, realising that this has an unimaginable impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of their staff.

For the benefit of those that haven’t yet made it onto the road to diversification, NES Global Talent have listed a few advice points on how you can take the leap towards a momentous cultural shift.


Choose your current and future leaders wisely

You can use all the tools in the world to implement a change in your company’s culture. But lest we forget: a company’s most important resource is its people. Your divisional directors, managers and even team leaders of smaller teams will all hold a key responsibility for the development of your current staff and most likely be the decision makers for hiring future staff.

It might be that the leader(s) you currently have in mind are extremely successful. But do they epitomise the culture you want to instigate? Will they be pivotal in influencing others to embrace all individuals? Will they be an inspiring and respected leader?


“Be the change you want to see in the world”

A great quote by Mohandas Gandhi, and one that applies to all aspects of life- including work. As an executive or senior leader, the change in workforce culture must first be the change in you.

It’s up to you, their fearless leader, to role model the approach your employees should take to communicating with colleagues, decision making and professionalism.

Whether its setting up female support groups, celebrating a significant religious date, or arranging for disabled access to all parts of your office, take charge of the cultural changes taking place within your business and make sure support is there for the minority groups in the workforce.

Switch up your hiring strategy

To encourage a diverse culture, you will need to encourage a diverse workforce. If your current workforce isn’t as diverse as it should be, it’s probable that the hiring tools you’re using are failing to target the minority groups you want in your pool of candidates. Expand your reach beyond your traditional job boards and agencies. Review your PSL and consider whether each of your external and internal resources attract a diverse range of applicants.

Seek out a diversity consultancy

When it comes to the operational and organizational changes required to lobby a cultural shift, sometimes it’s best to seek expert help. Diversity consultancies can provide not only ongoing support for your current workforce, they have the tools and resources that can allow your internal recruitment team to attract a more diverse future workforce. Whether it’s a new feel to your HR marketing campaigns or regular diversity workshops to instil a new approach to diversity, it can save vast amounts of credible time to invest in a consultancy.

In conjunction with Energy Jobline, NES Global Talent will host the ‘Promoting Women in Energy’ diversity event in Aberdeen this September.

Are you a energy hiring manager / recruitment leader looking for more support in attracting and retaining a diverse workforce?


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