Talent experts at BOSS Energy say LNG is set to boom as confidence in the sector grows


Talent experts at BOSS Energy say LNG is set to boom as confidence in the sector grows

Oct 2, 2018 – the day Shell Canada Energy, an affiliate of Royal Dutch Shell plc announced its FID on LNG Canada, a monumental liquified natural gas (LNG) operation in British Columbia.

“We believe LNG Canada is the right project, in the right place, at the right time,” said Ben van Beurden, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Dutch Shell.

“Supplying natural gas over the coming decades will be critical as the world transitions to a lower carbon energy system. Global LNG demand is expected to double by 2035 compared with today, with much of this growth coming from Asia where gas displaces coal.

LNG Canada is well positioned to help Shell meet the growing needs of customers at a time when we see an LNG supply shortage in our outlook.”

According to talent acquisition specialist at BOSS Energy, William Owen, since the energy major announced its ground-breaking entry into LNG, many more projects have received the green light.

Hiring within the sector is also on the up, with many oil and gas professionals transitioning across to the LNG market.

“In the long term, the whole world wants to be switching to Renewables,” says Mr Owen.

“But for industrialised economies, a switch through the night is impossible. Certainly, within the short-to-medium term future, we believe LNG is the best solution to meeting these countries’ energy demands.”

BOSS Energy have also seen significant LNG growth in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Many of these countries are now seeking energy independence- particularly those still reliant on the Russian gas pipelines.

“Countries such as Croatia have seen what has been done in Lithuania and Estonia with regards to collaborating with the EU on the finance side and are eager to push ahead. Developments within the LNG Bunkering space are making small scale projects increasingly desirable, especially in this part of the world.”

“There’s also huge growth happening in South East Asia, where regions such as Bangladesh are now up and running with LNG. We can only assume this is going to open the flood gates for spots for countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia.”

“Then, you have Singapore, who have been leading the way with some of the technologies that are coming into play- especially those relating to bunkering and shipping.”

BOSS Energy

According to Owen, BOSS Energy is focused on providing for LNG projects that are benefiting businesses intellectually and recruiting innovative professionals to push the envelope on the technology front.

“We’d like to think of ourselves as having a second-to-none network. We know everyone that’s working on those all-important projects, from operations to EPC.

A lot of that comes from our geographical placement, because we can speak to everyone at some point in the day, whether people are based in Queensland or California. BOSS Energy having a hub in the UK is incredibly beneficial for us supporting clients and candidates in the US, the Gulf and Australia, as well as South East Asia.

We are very confident about the next three to five years for the LNG sector, as well as our place in pushing these developments forward.”


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