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SwitchtoSolar Online Marketing founder Alex Njuguna Waithera operates the SwitchtoSolar blog to support energy companies and professionals looking to transition into the solar industry. 

Solar USA

"Going solar depending on your specific case could help you save money, improve energy usage and reduce your carbon footprint."

"I started my career and the journey of renewable energy in 2004 in Kenya when I was influenced by my final year undergraduate studies concerning “Energy and Environment”. At that time, I was introduced to the concept and tools of Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) and its wider use in system thinking to help identify and quantify environmental burdens of a product. This was an eye opener for me when I learned how complex decisions, especially in the sustainability area can be made simple using powerful tools like the LCA."

"After learning and applying this tool in the energy sector, I embraced the concept of systems thinking and application of tools and concepts that can help individuals and businesses make more informed decisions."

"The advantage of applying system-thinking helps to provide the bigger picture of doing something and narrowing down to specific quantifiable parameters that can help us move forward with decisions that have already been analyzed using today’s technology and tools that are easily available on the Internet."

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