SSI Redcar steel mill to be shut

SSI UK steel blast furnace site, Redcar

The coke ovens and blast furnace at the Redcar steelworks will close after no offers to buy them were received, the Insolvency Service has confirmed.


The ovens had been kept alight until the weekend to allow for negotiations with prospective buyers.


But official receiver Ken Beasley said there was no "realistic prospect" of a sale and he could no longer spend taxpayer money to keep the plant going.


Local MPs have said the loss of 2,200 jobs is devastating.


The works have been hands in the hands of receivers since the site's owner Sahaviriya Steel Industries UK (SSI) was wound up on 2 October.


'No realistic buyer' The closure of the coke ovens and blast furnace means the end of steel production at the 98-year-old Redcar works.


Mr Beasley, said: "I cannot continue to draw on taxpayers' funds to keep the ovens operational when there is no realistic prospect that a buyer will be found.


"I am continuing my liquidation of the company, including talking with interested parties about purchasing the company's other assets.


"I thank the staff who have been involved in the continued operation of the company and recognise the great efforts that have been put in and the professionalism shown by people in a time of enormous personal pressure."


'Towel thrown in' Anna Turley, Labour MP for Redcar, said she was angered by the decision to close the works.


She told BBC Tees: "I can't believe all this has been allowed to go, all the history and heritage and potential for the site.


"I feel the government has thrown the towel in, I feel the official receiver was never interested in talking to anyone or listening to any deals, or any other options to keep it going."



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