National Grid: A smart energy future could prevent UK blackouts

National Grid believes that new technological advances in “smart energy” could help the UK avoid blackouts, which are thought to occur in the next two years.

Smart energy meter

Nicola Shaw, the new Executive Director of National Grid, has said that these SE advances will minimize the need to construct more power stations in the UK. This “smart energy” revolution will even balance energy demand with the use of fridges, washers and dishwashers.

There are a number of industry leaders that believe the UK Government should be investing in gas-fired power plants to contribute towards the UK’s scarily high energy demand. National Grid agreed with this to an extent, in Ms Shaw’s statement, but added that the advances in “smart energy” technology will stabilize roughly 30-50% of the fluctuations on the electricity grid.

"We are at a moment of real change in the energy industry. From an historic perspective we created energy in big generating organisations that sent power to houses and their businesses. Now we are producing energy in those places - mostly with solar power," Ms Shaw said.

"All of that is a real revolution … a smart energy revolution that's changing the way we think about energy across the country," she said.

This new energy logic is already making positive waves for various firms across the UK. This works by companies encouraging households to use cheap solar power on a sunny day and other energy saving measures.

"Technology has enabled us to bring this price flexibility to energy consumers. No-one will be forced to link their home to the energy internet, but if they do choose to use it, it will save them money, save pollution and save power stations needing to be built." Said Professor Phil Taylor, professor of energy systems at Newcastle University.

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