Scottish windfarms 'repelling' tourists is a myth

Scottish wind farm

There is a long list of reasons as to why onshore windfarms affect the local community. One of these conclusions being that onshore windfarms repel tourists and bring down figures in tourist-related employment in Scotland. A recent report by consultancy BiGGAR Economics points out that there is no connection between tourism employment in the area and onshore windfarms.

This theory is fairly common and is often used as a vital reason as to why the construction of onshore wind farms should not go ahead.

The report made various comparisons between the level of windfarm installations and the level of employment in tourism in Scotland from the year 2009 to 2013, which identified that the number of wind turbines at national level in Scotland and employment into tourism roles both increased at a steady rate over the period.

“Areas such as Aberdeenshire have seen a larger level of growth in the number of wind turbines installed and at the same time have also seen a greater increase in the level of tourism employment,” BiGGAR Economics said.

“Some of the local authorities with the greatest growth in tourism employment also saw the greatest rise in onshore wind installations. However there is no overall relationship between the two factors.”

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