Scotland just generated enough wind energy to power itself for a day

Wind energy

On the 7th August, Scotland generated, for the first time on record, more electricity than was used across Scotland on a single day. According to conservation group, WWF Scotland, there was incredibly stormy weather in this period that enabled wind turbines to generate roughly 106% of the total amount of electricity required for households in the Scotland area.

Gale force winds increased most of the country’s turbines to a speed of 115mph. These results were recorded at the top of the Cairngorm Mountains, which are in the proximity of the second highest mountain in Scotland.

These vicious winds caused a 17,000-tonne oil rig to break away from its tug on Monday morning. Train services were also cancelled as the heavy winds blew a number of trees onto the tracks,

“While Sunday’s weather caused disruption for many people, it also proved to be a good day for wind power output, with wind turbines alone providing the equivalent of all Scotland’s total electricity needs.” said Lang Banks, Director of WWF Scotland.

“This major moment was made possible thanks, in part, to many years of political support, which means that across the year now, renewables contribute well over half of our electricity needs.

“However, if we want this ensure we reap the many benefits of becoming a low-carbon economy we need to see this political support for renewables continue.”

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